Friday, July 29, 2005

Running thru the soybeans

Now that it is almost August, the beans are higher than my height. It's fun to get lost in the field and hop out of it to surprise everyone. I run around and cut back and forth. I entertain myself and they laugh at me. I make everybody happy with my boundless energy.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Sweet Dreams

I like to sleep. I really like to sleep. I can sleep longer than anyone in the house. Even when they get up and start moving around and fixing their coffee, I still like to sleep. Even when the can opener is opening my Mighty Dog, I still like to sleep. They have to come back to bed and wake me up again and I lay still and see if they go away. If they really want me up, I get up and stretch. I am good at stretching. I can reach both edges of the bed , with just one stretch. I believe I can, I am so good at stretching. I learned it from the cats.

Hello from Miss Daisy Mae

Welcome to my world. I may possibly be the cutest little dog in the world, or I have been led to believe so. My alpha is my mom and she loves me the most. She tells me that I am the cutest little dog in the world and I can't disagree with her. She is the Alpha.

What is an Alpha? In our dog world, the Alpha is our leader, our protector, our cook, our bather, our bed buddy and the human that loves and cares for us the most. It is a big job for a human as it is a big job for a dog to lead the pack. I learned soon that I am part of the pack. There were couple of times, that I thought I could be the Alpha. I was wrong. It is too much work.
I rather just be the cutest little dog in the world and entertain you with my tales.