Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Turkey Day is my Birthday


Thanksgiving is my day to celebrate.
I am now five years old.
Old enough to know better, still young enough not to care.
Everyone please have a big piece of pie to celebrate my birthday.
I like birthday pie on Thanksgiving, don't you?
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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Working the woods

What I like to do in the woods, is to hunt things.
The smells are glorious in the woods.
Smells of critters, small than me and wild things bigger than me.
I check out every smell, poop and hole in the ground.
I don't go in the holes....that's what dachshund are for!
P.S. Mom won't let us go in the holes.
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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Look who's cooking!


I've been spending time in the kitchen,
getting ready for Thanksgiving.
I'm helping Mom try new recipes,
so we don't spring any surprises on Thanksgiving.
Thanksgiving is my Birthday.
I was born on Thanksgiving in 2003,
and we celebrate my birthday every Thanksgiving no matter
what date it is.
I always know I will get extra of anything I want,
becasue there is always too much food and
I am cute and it will be my birthday!
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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Friday, November 07, 2008



I proclaim that I am Princess of the World.
I proclain that every day is for fun, pets, treats, long walks and naps.
"May your week-end commence with all of the above."
Princess Miss Daisy Mae
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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Get your Five Servings


I here to tell you that everyone should eat more fruit and vegatbles.
Except me.....I like Cookies and Bacon.
Don't I look smarter with glasses?
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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I was wicked on Saturday


I am still wearing my Halloween costume in this picture, because I was wicked.
On Saturday,I was home alone with Camo and I heard fifty gun shots.
It scared me, so I took off.
We have a large yard that is all fenced in, but I have a secret escape place.
I squeeze through a small space by the gate.

I took off down the highway for half a mile, till I saw some men sitting on their porch.
I went up to them and jumped on their lap. They were really nice to me.
They gave me a piece of baloney and saw my tag and went to call my folks.

My folks got back from their outing and couldn't find me. So they both took off in their cars looking for me.
Mom went down the same road that I took 2 years ago, when I ran away from gun shoot noises.
She said she was looking in the ditch, when she almost drove past me sitting on the porch, all by myself.
I don't know why it took her an hour to get here.
She was so happy to see me, she cried.

The old men, who were in full camouflage gear said they called my house,but their cell phone service drops off.
So Mom was just lucky again to find me.
The old guys mentioned they heard 50 gun shots near our area.
So now Mom knows why I took off.
Mom said she would make the hunters a cake, as a thank you.
They didn't shot the shots that scared me.
She made a white chocolate cake,and we delivered it the next morning.

I got scolded a lot that afternoon; something about traffic, cars, trucks, motorcycle and me on the same road.
Dad fixed my secret escape place, so now I might have to find another one.
Or they can never leave me alone again, during hunting seasons.
I hate the big boom and I just go off looking for people.
Camo stayed home and wasn't in trouble.
This is the only thing I ever do wrong, but boy I guess it's a big one.
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