Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Camo licks his nose.
I hope it was peanut butter and not kitty poop.
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Monday, June 25, 2007

Summer Hats

Mommie wishes that we would wear these hats for a moment longer than it takes her to snap this picture.
Guess what?
It is not going to happen.
Enjoy our bonnets!
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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Gender Bender

Here we are, two Southern Gals sitting a spell on our rocking chair.
Camo doesn't know that boys don't wear pink gigham dresses and straw hats with pink bows.
Bless his heart!
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Thursday, June 21, 2007

A Piece of Art on EBay

I am art!
A artist from Italy loved my photos on Dogster and asked Mommie if she could paint me.
Her name is Maria Teresa Mezzolla and she part of directfromtheartist.com
This is my likeness as an oil painting, that is 16 x12.
The bid starts at $45.00
The ebay number is220123643638.
Mommie never bought on E Bay.
I think she should learn how.
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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Camo meets Sausage

We had a picnic of the boat one week end.
Mommie left the sausage out.
Camo noticed.
What do you think happened.....
see next photo.
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Sausage Lover

Didn't you think Camo would go for it.
Since he is a puppy, Mommie thinks everything he does is cute.
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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Boating at the Lake

Camo and I like to go boating in our own yellow boat.
Daddy pulls us along when he is on his raft.
I swim between Mommie and Daddies raft and get a real good work out.
We wear life preservers just to play it safe.
Mommie always likes to play it safe.
I just like to play.
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Dogs Overboard

I jumped off our boat. Camo followed.
I am a great swimmer and Camo is getting the hang of it.
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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Tails of Pogo

Pogo is doing great. His Mom named him Pogo, because he his always jumping around ready to play.
He has new hair cut and he looks clean and he smells fine.
He has a great new home and he has his own garden to run around.
My mom said it was hard to get a good photo of Pogo because he was happy to see us.
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Pogo looks like a little grey fox

Pogo is really little with out his hair.
His mom says he looks like a little grey fox.
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Dropping by for a visit.

We went to see Pogo today.
First I sniffed Tommie, the girl, Jack Russell Terrior.
Then I sniffed Pogo.
He love his new home. He loves his new mom. He even loves his sister.
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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Camo is doing fine

Camo is doing fine. He doesn't like to take his medicine because it makes him sleepy.
I like that he is sleepy in the morning, so I can peacefully take my mid morning nap.
Then he is up and running around like the silly boy that he is.
All is well, except our Koi Kitty is slowly down and may not be with us much longer.
I hope she makes it thru the summer, because she likes walking around with us.
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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Vitamin K scare

Camo will eat anything.
He ate some rat poison, or at least Mommie found some poop that had rat poison in it and it wasn't mine.
The cat was sick and she took the cat to the doctor and the doctor didn't think it was cat poop.
Mommie than took Camo to the Vet and he got a shot of Vitamin K in the butt.
The cat got a shot too, just to be safe.
Mommie got in the car to drive home and Camo started to go nuts.
He kept shaking his head.
Mommie that he had a flea in his ear.
He was jumping all over the car.
He was jumping out of his skin.
Mommie turned the car around and raced back to the vet.
Camo was all pink,
His belly was pink, His ears were pink, His nose was swelling, His eyes were pink.
The doctor said "Allergic Reaction" and quickly gave him two shots.
They waited to see Camo calm down.
The Doctor said he never saw this before, because Vitamin K is what we all have in our bodies.
No, It's not a cereal.
It a clotting vitamin that helps your blood clot and would counter act the poison.
Otherwise Camo could bleed to death.
The doctor said this wasn't good.
Camo needs the Vitamin K pills for 20 days.
He can't have this reaction.
So the Doctor told Mommie that Camo needs Children's Benadryl before taking the Vitamin K pill.
Mommie had to give him the Benadryl, wait 45 minutes and then give him his pill.
She also had to be ready to jump in the car, drive down the mountain to the vet, in case Camo had another attack.
Mommie didn't sleep well that night.
She got everything ready and gave him the Benadryl and the pill and watched him.
You know what Camo did?
He slept.
He was very sleepy all morning.
He didn't go nuts.
He didn't turn pink.
Mommie did the same thing this morning and Camo took another long morning nap.
She has to give the cat and Camo the pills for 20 days and they will be fine.
Mommie doesn't think the cat ate the poison, but they are being extra safe.
I can nap without taking Benadryl and Vitamin K.
The moral of my tale is :
Don't eat rat poison.
Don't even have rat poison around. Not even if you have mice .....
Don't leave the vet's office for a good 15 minutes after an animal gets a shot....you never know.
Camo is fine. Don't worry.
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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

August in the Grass

August is a big dog that lives on Horse Mountain.
He found his way there one August, so his Mommie kept him and named him August.
He likes to go for walks in the woods and cool off in high grass.
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Monday, June 11, 2007

Sititng on the new screened in porch

The new house is not finished, but we visit it almost every day.
We like the screened in porch the best.
The house is a great place to play tag.
Camo chases me thru the walls, because they are not walls yet.
Look how much he has grown.
He makes me look that much smaller and cuter.
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Friday, June 08, 2007

Rescue Me

I have a good tale to tell.
Wednesday, Mommie took us for a walk down the big road.
Quietly and surprisingly, this little dog was walking behind us.
I must be honest and say that I smelled him coming.
Boy, did he stink.
He came up and sniffed me to say hello.
I told him to get lost.
He really did stink!
He said, "I am lost."
I shouldn't have told Mommie what he said because that got the ball rolling.
He wouldn't leave us alone for our walk, he kept following us.

Two old men drove by on a tractor and yelled at Mommie is she wanted another dog.
She asked "Who's dog is it?"
They yelled back, "A stray."
She asked"How long?"
They said "Two weeks", and they kept on driving.

I could hear Mommies brain thinking about what she could do for this dog.
People drop off dogs here. I don't what they expect the dogs to do.
There are foxes, and coyotes and trucks to run from.
Mommie said it wasn't fair to leave this dog.

He looks a lot like me, if he went to the groomers he might just be as cute as I am.
He is twice my size, around 12 to 14 pounds. He is male and young, like Camo.
I don't need another brother, I am finally getting Camo in line.
He kept following us, wanting to play.
Mommie picked him up and looked at him.
She got his stink on her clothes.
I was worried that he was going to follow us all the way home.

He didn't. He went to visit some hound dogs that were tied up in front of their house.
We could hear him being yelled at to get away.

When Mommie got home, she started to make phone calls about the local rescue people.
She didn't even need to get that far, because she had a message waiting for her.
It was from that nice Mrs. Taylor, the lady whose house I ran to 2 years ago when I ran away from the boom.
Mrs. Taylor saw this dog, feed the dog and wanted to know if my Mommie was missing a dog.
Mommie called Mrs. Taylor. Mrs. Taylor said she would keep the dog, if it was still around when she got home.
The road is a very busy road, with big trucks racing by.
Mommie told Mrs. Taylor that we would get the dog and den it in our big crate till she got home.

Daisy Mae to the rescue.
Mommie took me, a collar, a leash, dog treats and the dog crate in the truck.
We went back to look for the little stinker.
I was the bait, in case he wouldn't come.
He was pretty easy to find. He was across the road and under a trailer.
He came out to play but went to hide when Mommie tried to collar him.
I had to go under the trailer and tell him to come out.
I told him that he had a good life ahead of him.
Mrs. Taylor use to have two dogs and one of them died last year.
She could really use another dog.
He would be sharing a nice house, big yard and lots of love with a girl, Jack Russell terrier.
He would have it made, if he came out.

Mommie put him in the crate and we drove over to Mrs. Taylor backyard.
Mommie clipped him a little to get the nasty mats away from his face and belly.
He was an awful mess. Nobody ever took care of him!
I sat in the truck, so he wouldn't be distracted or embarrassed by my beauty.
Mommie gave him food, a chewie, water and placed him in the shade.
He liked the attention and settled down for a nap.
We went home and I got a bath.
This part of the story, doesn't seem fair to me, but now I am extra nice and fluffy.

Mrs. Taylor came home and let him out in her garden.
He was happy to see his new mom. He stuck around and spent the night in the crate.
The next day, she took him to the vet and to the groomers.

We are going back to see him this week-end. We will take another photo of him.
He should have a new name and I bet he will smell really good, and I won't have to call him little stinker any more.
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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Laying wine down

This is Dr. Debs dachshund Lucy.
She lives in Southern CA.
She is very cultivated and savvy but
She hasn't quite got the knack of laying wine down.
She thinks she has to lay with it.
Ha! Ha! Another silly Doxie.
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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Two blondes in pink

This is Isabella. She is our neighbor.
She is only four years old and she loves to play dress up.
I am her favorite pet to dress, maybe because we are both blond, little and extremely cute.
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Kisses from my fans

I guess I am really kissable.
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Monday, June 04, 2007

This is Mom's answer to the fox

If we had a big dog,
We wouldn't care about the fox.
I would care about the big dog sitting on me.
This is a Great Pyrenees
He is a great guardian dog.
I think I rather have a guardian angle to watch over me.
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Saturday, June 02, 2007

There is a new mouse in this house

My new costume is really working. The foxes can't find me.
So I told Camo about my plan about being incognito and I advised him to do the same.
I told him that his new costume is really good, they would never recognize him as a mouse.
I didn't tell him that mice are foxes favorite appetizers!
I have such a good time with that silly doxie brother of mine.
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